Manhattan Beach Music Privacy Policy

If you place an order on our ordering site, the private information you provide when you place an order (your name, shipping and billing address, phone number, e-mail address) is solely for use by Manhattan Beach Music to process and ship your order. We do not sell, rent or otherwise distribute your private information. If you order by credit card, the ordering system will automatically perform an address and ZIP Code verification of the billing address information you supply on our order form. For security purposes, we may contact you or your bank to verify your credit card account name and billing address information.

If at the time of placing your order you indicate that you would like to receive E-mail from Manhattan Beach Music about its products and specials (by checking the appropriate box on our order form), we may from time to time send you such E-mail. This is a "positive option," that is, you must check the box to request this E-mail. You may at any time cancel this request by sending an E-mail to requesting removal from our E-mail mailing list.

In addition, we will automatically E-mail you a copy of your order unless you uncheck the order form box, "E-mail me a copy of my order." We will also send you an E-mail when your order is shipped, indicating the UPS tracking number.

We also collect various data from our websites, such as page view counts, individual IP addresses visiting our site with their country of origin, type of browser used, type of operating systems used, and color depth and screen size used, including their referring URL's (the page you were last at before visiting us), internet searches (any search you may have performed to locate our site), and "click trails" -- these trails identify the sequence and timing of pages visited. Our websites also collect "cookies." These are small files sent to your browser and stored on your computer than include anonymous unique identifiers. Web sites can send their own cookies (if your browser's preferences are set to allow cookies) but your broswer will permit only the web site sending a cookie to access that cookie (a site cannot access cookies from other sites, only cookies it has already sent, and this protects your privacy). Cookies allow us to determine whether you have visited our website previously.

All this information is not personally identifiable unless you place an order. We use this information to "fine tune" the structure of our website to improve your visiting experience.

All personally-identifiable information that we may collect is solely for use by Manhattan Beach Music, and we do not sell, rent or otherwise distribute this information.

Security: If you place an order on our ordering site using a credit card, your credit card information is sent over secure servers and is encrypted.


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