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PRELUDE AND MARCH for concert band

Prelude and March by Bob Margolis. Hear streaming audio on this page. Suitable for elementary and middle school bands, 2 1/2 minutes duration, Grade 1.

PRELUDE AND MARCH is the most recommended
Grade 1 work in the USA

Source: John R. Stevenson, Most Recommended Band Music on 25 States' Selective Lists, as published in the Instrumentalist, September 2004, pp. 18-22.

The author collected the lists of 25 state and professional organizations, re-graded the titles to conform to a grade 1-to-6 system, and sorted the 9,647 titles by descending order of frequency of occurrence within each grade level.

"Prelude and March" tops the Grade 1 list, making it the most recommended Grade 1 work in the USA.

Bob Margolis' other grade one work, The Two-Minute Symphony, is fourth in the Grade 1 list.


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Performance by the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire Symphony Band, Donald S. George, conductor.

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